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Posted by Chelsea on May 14, 2010

I’ll be co-hosting “Broadminded” today! You can listen in from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST on Sirius 102 and XM 155. Fun!

I’ll be announcing the start of our “Get Your Summer Started” Giveaway, which is SO AWESOME this year! We’ve collected 30 of our favorite summer beauty and beach essentials and have gathered them all together to create 30 gift bags - one of which we’ll give one away each day in June (‘cause there are 30 days in June, right?). Here’s a preview of just some of the things in this year’s gift bag:

Diva Tweezers
MISSION Skincare Ultra Lip gloss in Strawberry Pomegranate
Eos Lip Sphere in Lemon with SPF 15
a Beautyblender makeup sponge
Supergoop! Sunscreen Swipes
H20+ Face Oasis Shine-Neutralizing Gel
a Tweezerman Sole Mates foot file
Twist Organic Water
Mineral Fusion Hydration Mist, Blow Haircare Beach Blow Texturizing Mist
a Gaiam aluminum water bottle
a sampling of summer haircare products from Elie Elie salon
a SurgiCare Shower Off Body Cream Kit
a lip glaze from Make-up Designory
Boscia Blotting Linens

...and tons more that we’ll talk about later (I can’t spill all of the beans now!)

To enter to win, sign up to follow me on twitter (I’m @chelseakaplan) and then send me a tweet!

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Posted by Chelsea on May 05, 2010

One of the most-asked beauty-related questions I get from you guys and everyone out there in radio land is “How do I get rid of these damn lines and bags around my eyes?”. Trust me - I get is. What a drag it is getting old…and having kids who wake up at the crack of dawn.

Today, I’ll be joining Broads Molly and Christine of Sirius XM’s “Broadminded” to highlight the new Clarisonic Opal, which totally gets the job done. If you’d like to listen in to hear our complete review, tune in Wednesday to XM 155 or Sirius 102 at 2:30 PM EST.

The latest product from the wizards that created the Clarisonic skincare brushes, this eye-area age-fighting innovation combines sonic infusion technology with an anti-aging serum to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your peepers. Kinda like a vibrator for you eyes, its gentle sonic massage infuses serum into the outer layers of the skin for 30 seconds, immediately rendering visibly smoother, firmer, more hydrated skin and minimized appearance of under-eye puffiness. With repeated use, the claim is that you’ll notice the kind of difference an extra four hours per night of sleep gets you. Sound too good to be true? We’ll be checking it out to see if it is, in fact, that miraculous!

Wanna get one for yourself? They’re $245 at Or, if you’re feeling lucky, we’ve got one to give away - as well as one Clarisonic Plus Skincare System to banish your body blemishes, just in time for tank top season! To win both, here’s what you need to do:

I’m in the process of writing a book about the infertility process, and I’m looking for women who’ve gone through it who will share some of their stories about the craziest thing they did or felt while they were going through it (Me, I wanted to shoot Britney Spears after hearing she got knocked up. She was pregnant and I wasn’t? WTF?). If you’ve got a wacky story like that, send it along to me at, and that will be your entry. If you haven’t, no worries! Just send me a story of what it was like watching or supporting a pal going through the infertility process.  Again, email me at and that will be your entry.

The winner will be chosen at random this Friday - good luck!

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Posted by Chelsea on April 20, 2010

Sisters, let me hook you up with the glorious news that might just revolutionize your summer: Spanx, a favorite of muffin-topped moms like me, has recently introduced a swimwear line. Just in time to suck in post-pregnancy guts everywhere by pool season, the slimming swimsuits are super-cute (no matronly Mom-suits here - swear!) and really, truly make you look 10-15 pounds lighter.

My personal fave: The Convertible One-Piece Swimsuit in “Flamingo”, $178

On Wednesday, April 21st, I’ll be joining Broads Molly and Christine of Sirius XM’s “Broadminded” to highlight Spanx’s new swimwear line - we’ll even be trying on the suits in-studio! If you’d like to listen in to hear our complete review, tune in Wednesday to XM 155 or Sirius 102 at 2:30 PM EST. And, as a bonus, we’ve got five $150 shopping sprees to to give away! To win, sign up for The Momtourage’s mailing list - you can do so in the green box at the top, right-hand corner of this page and then post a comment in the comments section of the blog, indicating your name (we’ll match it up to the name and email address you give when you sign up for the mailing list!). If you’ve already signed up for the mailing list, just leave a comment with your name - we’ll find your address!

The winners will be chosen at random this Friday - good luck!

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Posted by Chelsea on December 02, 2009

This afternoon at 2:15 p.m. EST on XM 155 or Sirius 102, I’ll be joining Broads Molly and Christine to share some of my favorite hostess and teacher (or really, anyone who you feel needs a small token of your appreciation) gift ideas! Here’s what we’ll be checking out:

1) Fresh Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold Oval Soap and Petite Candle Trios, $45 each, or

I get the gold, but who knows what the deal was with the original gifts of frankincense and myrrh? These collections of artisanal, triple-milled, pure vegetable soaps and candles with lead-free wicks, however, leave no room for interpretation. Laced with absolutely delicious, season-inspired scents , each set, which comes in a gift-ready box, is undoubtedly a precious gift.

2) “The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever” and Slow Cooker: The Best Cookbook Ever, $16.47 each,

Don’t hate on the way your mom used to make dinner — casserole and slow-cooker cooking is very 2010 (not to mention, convenient. These two books make 70’s-era cuisine gourmet again, and offer tasty, healthy recipes for quick and easy, yet totally elegant meals.

3) Jo Malone Tea Box Deluxe Candle Collection, $395,

The perfect “from the whole office” gift, this limited-edition keepsake is extremely indulgent and luxurious. Nestled in a beautifully textured cream-colored tea box are three uniquely scented deluxe candles complete with engraved Jo Malone candle lids and a silver-plated wick trimmer and candle snuffer. The candle scents include Eau de Cologne, Parma Violets and Sweet Almond Macaroon.


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Posted by Chelsea on November 18, 2009

My past few appearances on “Broadminded” have been beauty-focused, but today, it’s all about fun fall fashion finds. This afternoon at 2:30 p.m. EST on XM 155 or Sirius 102, I’ll be joining Broads Molly and Christine to share some of the coolest fashion goodies I’ve recently seen. Here’s what we’ll be checking out:

1) Yosi Samra Ballet Flats, $50,
You’ve seen ‘em on all the celebrities and in stores this fall….little ballet flats are a huge trend this season. The popular versions from Lanvin and Tory Burch can run you anywhere from $200-$400 a pop, but these high-quality, super-cute and ridiculously comfy (seriously, you’ll feel like you’re wearing slippers) versions from Yosi Samra are only $50! My favorites are the gold metallic pair, but at this price, you can afford to get them in a number of colors. They come in full-sizes only, so if you’re a half size, purchase the size up.

Want to win a pair? Register for our mailing list (in the upper, right-hand corner of this blog). One winner will be chosen at random. If you need those shoes right now, purchase them online, and enter code “Momtourage” for a 10% discount!

2) Sassybax Shapewear Leggings, $68,
Another ubiquitous trend this season: leggings. Whether worn with high boots, flats or a low heel, they’re an inexpensive, casually comfortable way to dress this fall. Layer them under a dress or skirt for work or going out, or pair them with a shirt and a large cardigan for daytime or the weekends. A good ‘ol pair of opaque black cotton leggings from American Apparel or even Target will do the trick perfectly (with leggings, more expensive isn’t usually better), but if you need a little extra support to contain those love handles, check out the hard-core slimming leggings from Sassybax. They lift, round and shape your butt (no “pancake tush” in these, ladies) and also suck in your tummy and hips without any pinching, rolling at the waist or discomfort in general. And while you’re on the site, check out Sassybax’s awesome slimming slips, bras, tanks and tees too!

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Posted by Chelsea on November 11, 2009

Like lots of folks these days, I’m trying to do what I can to live a “greener” life. I’m shutting off lights, turning off the water when I brush my teeth and am shopping at my local farmers’ market when I can. To reduce waste, I’ve forgone drinking bottle after plastic bottle of water. Instead, I’ve taken to chugging my H2O from a SIGG bottle. But it’s not just any ol’ SIGG—it’s a personalized version from CafePress (specifically, the “Victorian” design monogrammed with my initials, ’cause I just have to do everything “cute”). I chose the liter version, but they’ve got 0.6-liter versions with kiddie designs, too.

Being green hasn’t been this adorable since Kermit the Frog. Customizable SIGG bottles, $25-28,

Want to win a customized SIGG of your own? When you register for The Momtourage’s mailing list, you automatically get entered for a chance to win one of our giveaways! We’ve got three to give away, so sign up, mamas!

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Posted by Chelsea on October 27, 2009

Just because you’re about to hit the big 4-0 (or are already there), doesn’t mean you have to look like a scary ‘ol cougar. Today I’ll be joining almost-40 Broads Molly and Christine of Sirius and XM Radio’s “Broadminded” to explain what goes on with your skin when you’re in your 40s, and what over-the-counter beauty products are best for keeping yourself looking young. Tune in at 12:15 p.m., 2:15 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. EST on XM 155 or Sirius 102! If you can’t catch the show, here’s what I’ll be discussing:

What’s going on with skin in your 40s:

Uneven skin tone:
By your 40s, you skin has endured quite a lot of environmental damage – sun, pollution, smoke (if you were a puffer), etc. By your 40s, sadly, that damage is pretty visible. Your skin may be a bit more red and blotchy or your skin tone may be uneven due to sunspots.

Skin dryness: Skin becomes drier as you age, as your skin naturally decreases its oil production as you get older. As a result, dry skin looks a little flaky, and certainly less “plump” and radiant. Think of a wilted plant versus a freshly-watered one, and you get the picture.

Fine lines and wrinkles: As you age, your body’s natural collagen production mechanisms slow and the collagen that already exists in your body begins breaking down. Collagen, a type of fibrous protein that supports and connects bodily tissue, works with elastin to give strength and firmness to your face, keeping skin firm, flexible, tight and youthful-looking. By your 40s, this decrease in collagen production and retention leads to skin looking less “plump”, which increases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also contributing to the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles: all the environmental damage listed above (you know about sun causing wrinkles!) and dryness, which makes wrinkles appear more pronounced, as skin isn’t as plump as it could be.

Never fear, ladies – there IS help! Here’s what you can do:

Of course, there are all kinds of prescription-strength medicines, cosmetic dermatological procedures and plastic surgery procedures that can correct these age-related issues. Retinol products like Retin-A or Tazorac, Botox, laser treatments, dermal fillers – even facelifts are sure-cures. However, all come with some risks, and they certainly aren’t cheap. If you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge, here are some over-the counter products that will get your 40something skin looking great. I’m a big fan of scary chemical-free organic products, so many of these are all-natural. Sometimes, however, it’s still most effective to go the lab-created route, so pick and choose based on your level of comfort.

Check out my favorites, here:

If your main concern is sun/environmental damage:

1) Patricia Wexler MD Dermatology 2-Step Exfoliating Glyco Peel, $60,
This month-long supply of maximum strength, at-home glycolic acid peels encourages skin cell turnover by intensifying exfoliation in a safe micro-peel. In two simple steps, you’ll reduce visible skin discolorations, including marks left by acne and uneven skin tone, and contribute to overall skin clarity. Bonus: it’s also great for preventing adult acne. Use it after cleansing your skin, then follow with serum and moisturizer.

2) Suki Targeted Bio-Brightening Face Serum, $75,
This highly concentrated, organic, oil-free serum is specifically designed to brighten & diminish the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, scars, spots & redness for a more overall radiant, even complexion. Use after cleanser and treatment, and before moisturizer.

3) NIA 24 Intensive Recovery Complex, $110,
This is one of my favorite lines – not organic, but all of the products include Niacin (vitamin B3), which helps skin repair itself from sun damage and aging. This night cream has brighteners that help lift signs of discolorations and restore radiance. Use after applying serum.

If your main concern is dryness:

1) La Mer The Hydrating Facial, $250 for 6 applications,
A thousand times better (and certainly more convenient!) than a facial, this product delivers an intensive dose of hydration to skin. It’s not organic, but has all sorts of nourishing sea-plant derivatives. I know this product is expensive, but again, it’s so much cheaper than six facials, and really - using one of these treatments will yield facial-esque results!

2) CellCeuticals CerActive, $45,
This organic, deep penetrating moisturizer and barrier repair treatment soothes skin and provides long-lasting skin hydration. It was developed by celebrity dermatologist Dr. Garth Fisher - Kim Kardashian is, apparently, a huge fan of this product! Use after

If your main concern is sagging, fine lines and wrinkles:

1) Skin 2 Skin Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum, $75,
The components in this age-defying serum promote skin firmness by rehydrating and facilitating healthy new skin cell growth. It is formulated with one of the most innovative anti-aging ingredients on the market today, Matrixyl (Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3) at a 17% content level, the maximum clinically allowed. Matrixyl significantly decreases the appearance of surface wrinkles on the cheek, under the eye and over the neck areas. Use after cleansing and before moisturizing.

2) Kinerase C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment, $98,
This treatment product contains C8 Peptide, a collagen-production stimulator that in lab tests created noticeably younger-looking skin in 28 days. With regular use, you’ll see it greatly reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Use this after serum and before moisturizer.

3) Bremenn Upper Eyelid Lifter, $59,
From the folks who brought us StriVectin, this product tightens the upper eye area, making your eyes look fresh and awake. It’s not quite an eye job, but it delivers pretty dramatic results! Use after cleansing and applying serum and moisturizer, patting gently on the eye area.

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Posted by Chelsea on October 08, 2009

Can’t afford designer duds this fall? Instead of forking over your incredibly shrinking paycheck for pricey clothes, hook yourself up with some affordable couture – in the form of a designer fragrance. Today at 12:15 PM EST, I’ll be joining Broads Molly and Christine of Sirius/XM Radio’s “Broadminded” (tune in on XM Channel 155 and Sirius Channel 102!) to share my favorite new designer fall fragrances . Here’s a preview of some of what we’ll be road-testing:

1. Prada L’eau Ambree Eau de Parfum, $76 for 1.7 oz.,

This fragrance’s Sicilian citrus top note of cedrat is refreshing yet rich, giving an unexpected grace and balance to the fragrance. At the heart of the fragrance is rose de mai, a buttery, light, and above all, sensual and feminine smell. The base notes consists of an evocative, ambery dry down based on patchouli, vanilla and opoponax. All in all, this one’s a very complex, sexy scent.

2. CH Carolina Herrera Eau De Toilette, $70 for 1.7 oz.,
Perfect for a girly girl, this perfume features bergamot, orange, pomelo, melon, rose, jasmine, praline and cinnamon notes. It’s both flowery and fruity, yet still very sophisticated.

3. A Scent by Issey Miyake $65 for 1.6 oz.,
If you like crisp, clean fragrances, you’ll adore this one. It begins bright and woodsy, but then it dries to a fresh, green floral.

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Posted by Chelsea on September 01, 2009

Fall is right around the corner, so today at 12:30 PM EST, I’ll be joining Broads Molly and Christine of Sirius/XM Radio’s “Broadminded” (tune in on XM Channel 155 and Sirius Channel 102!) to share my favorite beauty products and tools. Here’s a preview of some of what we’ll be road-testing:

Solano Power to Prevent Dryer, $159 at beauty supply stores nationwide or $119 online at discount
Sleek hair is a huge trend for fall. Luckily, as summer’s humidity has left the air, achieving a smooth, frizz-free style is easiest in the fall. The world’s best, most powerful dryers are made by Solano (check the one your hair stylist is using the next time you go to salon, and odds are, it’s a Solano). My favorite for fall is the new pink, limited edition Power to Prevent Dryer, which is available September through October.The dryer was developed in partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC), and a portion of the dryer’s sale will go to the organization. A bonus: the dryer comes with a 2-year warranty to protect your investment!

Estee Lauder’s newly formulated Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex, $47.50 at major department stores or online at
Repair summer sun damage while you sleep with this upgraded version of Estee Lauder’s skin recovery cult classic. Its new patented technology helps repair visible damage from smoke and pollution - in particular, toxins and chemicals, putting this new serum at the forefront of visible damage repair from all known major environmental assaults. Essentially, this helps support skin’s natural repair enzyme to help effectively “clean up” damaging environmental effects before they become permanent. Use it day and night under moisturizer.


Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster, $39 at major department stores or online at

Another hot fall makeup trend: thick, lush lashes. Before you swipe on your mascara, fortify your lashes with this primer, which vibrates to ensure your lashes are fully, expertly coated. It allow for intensified color and defines for a perfect smooth lash surface, allowing allow for mascara to glide on for longer-lasting mascara.

Wanna win some of these beauty goodies? 5 winners will receive one Power to Prevent Dryer and one bottle of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex. To win, you must be registered for The Momtourage’s mailing list!

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Posted by Chelsea on April 15, 2009

In these rough economic times, the need to cut back is a (sad) fact of life. Just because your budget’s a little tighter, however, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking great. On Thursday afternoon at 12:30 PM EST, I’ll be joining Broads Molly and Christine of Sirius/XM Radio’s “Broadminded” (tune in on XM Channel 155 and Sirius Channel 102!) to try out some wallet-friendly alternatives to the most often-requested pricey in-office cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery procedures. Here’s a preview of what we’ll be road-testing:

1) Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology 2-Step Exfoliating Glyco Peel for Acne and Fastscription Advanced No-Injection Lip Plumper ($60 and $17.50,

This maximum strength, at-home glycolic acid peel encourages skin cell turnover by intensifying exfoliation in a safe, at-home micro-peel. Just two steps reduce visible skin discolorations, including marks left by acne and uneven skin tone, and contribute to overall skin clarity. It actively rejuvenates skin’s surface at the structural level, measurably reducing visible lines and imperfections. One package offers 30 peels.

Without a single injection (or that horrid burning sensation most lip plumpers impart), lips gain visible fullness with Dr. Wexler’s lip plumper, thanks to moisture-activated hyaluronic plumping spheres to enhance lip definition and contour.

2) Yummie Tummie shapewear tanks (around $70 each,

Momtourage member Amy turned me on to these and wow, do they ever suck in that post-pregnancy gut. Created by Heather Thomson, the creative force behind P. Diddy’s Sean John line, the several labels launched by Beyoncé Knowles and Jennifer Lopez’s Sweetface brand, she developed these muffin-top erasers after being frustrated with how the existing shapewear options compressed the bust, didn’t stay in place, were horribly uncomfortable and hideous to behold.

3) La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 30 and Anti-Aging Night Cream $200 each,

$200 may seem like a lot for a face cream - especially in this economy (and a “less expensive alternatives to cosmetic dermatology procedures” segment), but these dream creams will last you at least a year each, all the while guarding you against wrinkling and sun spots, blanketing your face in Resveratrol, a potent longevity anti-oxidant that protects against free radicals, stimulating collagen production while protecting skin against collagen and protein damage, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and significantly increasing hydration using intelligent moisturizing materials. Considering a year’s worth of botox and fillers will run you a minimum of $4,000, these 2 miracle creams are a drop in the bucket, comparatively.

Wanna win a Yummie Tummie tank for yourself? Send me an email at telling me why you need one and also including a question for one of our Momtourage experts. I’ve got 15 to give away!


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